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Swatch And Review: Zoya Charming Collection SS17 

16 april 2017 av Ellinor Engström
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I think spring is my favorite nail polish season. I just love wearing pastels, shimmer and nudes after autumn and winter’s deep, dark shades.

Today, I am sharing some swatches of Zoya spring collection called Charming.

The collection consists of six shades, out of these three being creme polishes and the other three shimmer polishes with micro glitter.

Zoya Charming Collection SS17 Swatch Swatches
From left to right: Tina, Jordan, Abby, Millie, Lacey and Amira

First up is the pastel pink shade called Jordan. The picture shows two coats and top coat. Light pink polishes usually have a pretty crappy formula, so I was really pleasantly surprised by Jordan. The coverage is good and it applies nicely!

The light lavender shade is called Abby. It’s a pretty and feminine shade and I like how it looks with my skin tone.

The last shade of the creme polishes is Tina. This shade is DEFINITELY my favorite out of the cremes. The color is so bright and vivid. And the shine? I mean… WOW!

Lets head on over the the shimmers. Lacey is a pale green shimmer with golden micro glitter. I absolutely love the sparkle but I somehow wish it was another shade than green. Still a gorgeous polish though, just not the perfect shade for my skin tone.

I did however feel more at home in this pale blue shimmer with gold micro glitter called Amira. The shimmer is just as stunning as the previous shade. I just wish the pictures could give the glitter more justice.

Last but definitely NOT last: Millie. I mean, just look at it. How gorgeous is this polish?! I won’t even say anything. Just look. Ok?

The collection comes with a lipstick in a gorgeous purple creme shade. But it is so amazing, I’m saving it for a different post!

I hope you guys liked the post. I can’t wait to swatch and share Zoya’s Neutral 3 collection with you either. Stay tuned!

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