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Swatch and review: Zoya Wanderlust Collection SS17

19 juli 2017 av Ellinor Engström
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The Zoya Wanderlust Collection was release mid May 2017 and consists of eight creme polishes and four metallics.

The majority of the shades are on the orange, pink and red side of the color scale but there are some unique picks in here as well like the olive green!


Honestly, almost all of the shades have a perfect formula. Two coats. No hazel. The only one I struggled a bit with was Scout.

Since I love my pinks and reds, this is definitely a collection in my taste! And I mean, just look at the shine?! To be honest, I will probably not be reached for Scout or Arbor.

Do you guys have a favorite among the shades? Let me know in the comments! Otherwise, just keep scrolling and you’ll get closeups of the entire collection.


Zoya Wanderlust Sawyer Swatch
Above: Sawyer
Zoya Wanderlust Cora Swatch
Above: Cora
Zoya Wanderlust Winnie Swatch
Above: Winnie
Zoya Wanderlust Esty Swatch
Above: Esty
Zoya Wanderlust Byrdie Swatch
Above: Byrdie
Zoya Wanderlust Sonja Swatch
Above: Sonja
Zoya Wanderlust Journey Swatch
Above: Journey
Zoya Wanderlust Mandy Swatch
Above: Mandy
Zoya Wanderlust Scout Swatch
Above: Scout
Zoya Wanderlust Arbor Swatch
Above: Arbor
Zoya Wanderlust Lois Swatch
Above: Lois
Zoya Wanderlust River Swatch
Above: River
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