Ciaté London Gelology SS17

24 juni 2017 av Ellinor Engström
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Ciaté London has released four new shades in their Gelology formula. The formula is heavily pigmented and gives you a ultra shiny nail and added volume. Your manicure can also last up to ten days.


From left to right: Goal Digger, Moondust, Supernova, The Naked Truth

All of the shades in the Gelology series are 7 free which means that the formula doesn’t contain the seven most poisonous substances that many traditional nail polish brands use.

The Gelology series can now be bought in the Swedish pharmacy Apotek Hjärtat.

I think we can all agree that the shades look absolutely stunning in the bottles, but let’s head on over to the swatches.

Ciaté London Gelology Supernova

First up is the shades ”Supernova”. This is the most sheer out of the shades in this collection. But I don’t mind. I love this polish and I think it is very fitting considering the current mermaid/unicorn trend. You do need three coats for full coverage but just look how amazing the result is. Totally worth it.

Ciaté London Gelology Supernova

Ciaté London Gelology The Naked Truth

Next up is the shade called ”The Naked Truth”. This is the only creme polish in the collection. I am a sucker for pinkish nudes so I am not really surprised that I loved this shade as well. I loved the formula and you need two easy coats for full coverage.

Ciaté London Gelology The Naked Truth

Ciaté London Gelology Goal Digger

Goal Digger is a cool toned metallic bronze. This is also a pretty color with good pigmentation. Since it’s a metallic shade it is a little bit streaky but it still does look pretty on the nail. I like it but metallics are usually not my cup of tea.

Ciaté London Gelology Goal Digger

Ciaté London Gelology Moondust

Last but not least it ”Moondust” (I almost accidentally wrote Moonshine… lol). This is a purple shimmer/glitter polish. I love that it is so jam packed with glitter and shimmer but that it doesn’t apply streaky. As you can see from both the bottle picture and swatch there is a lot of golden shimmer. I think this shade is gorgeous. Not my go to shade but very stunning and unique.

Ciaté London Gelology Moondust

Since I never wear the same polish more than five days in a row, I haven’t tried how the polish wears. I do have a little bit of trouble with the top coat and I easily get air bubbles when I apply it. But I haven’t heard or read anywhere else that this is a problem, so I am beginning to think that I might just have gotten a bad bottle.

Overall, I think this is a lovely collection for the summer with some very unique and pretty shades.

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Swatch And Review: Zoya Charming Collection SS17 

16 april 2017 av Ellinor Engström
Nails, Press Releases, Reviews

I think spring is my favorite nail polish season. I just love wearing pastels, shimmer and nudes after autumn and winter’s deep, dark shades.

Today, I am sharing some swatches of Zoya spring collection called Charming.

The collection consists of six shades, out of these three being creme polishes and the other three shimmer polishes with micro glitter.

Zoya Charming Collection SS17 Swatch Swatches
From left to right: Tina, Jordan, Abby, Millie, Lacey and Amira

First up is the pastel pink shade called Jordan. The picture shows two coats and top coat. Light pink polishes usually have a pretty crappy formula, so I was really pleasantly surprised by Jordan. The coverage is good and it applies nicely!

The light lavender shade is called Abby. It’s a pretty and feminine shade and I like how it looks with my skin tone.

The last shade of the creme polishes is Tina. This shade is DEFINITELY my favorite out of the cremes. The color is so bright and vivid. And the shine? I mean… WOW!

Lets head on over the the shimmers. Lacey is a pale green shimmer with golden micro glitter. I absolutely love the sparkle but I somehow wish it was another shade than green. Still a gorgeous polish though, just not the perfect shade for my skin tone.

I did however feel more at home in this pale blue shimmer with gold micro glitter called Amira. The shimmer is just as stunning as the previous shade. I just wish the pictures could give the glitter more justice.

Last but definitely NOT last: Millie. I mean, just look at it. How gorgeous is this polish?! I won’t even say anything. Just look. Ok?

The collection comes with a lipstick in a gorgeous purple creme shade. But it is so amazing, I’m saving it for a different post!

I hope you guys liked the post. I can’t wait to swatch and share Zoya’s Neutral 3 collection with you either. Stay tuned!

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Swatch and Review: IsaDora Chrome Nails SS17

12 april 2017 av Ellinor Engström
Nails, Press Releases, Reviews, Tutorials

Welcome back!

You guys know how chrome nails have been a trend for quite some while now? First came the chrome-like polishes that where either too streaky or too glittery. After that came the chrome powders, but it only worked for gel nails… Until now!

IsaDora has released a new chrome powder together with a top coat that is designed to work without ruining the chrome effect. In other words, no gel och lights needed!

Start with checking out my tutorial and you will understand just how to use it and also how simple the application is:

Before I guide you through the swatches, I though I would share my opinion of the powder and the collection. The collection comes with five different colored nail polishes, the chrome nails top coat and the powder. The point is to use the same powder but achieve different effects using different colored base polishes.

Like you could see in my tutorial, it really only takes a couple of minutes to achieve this chrome effect. The top coat also does the job perfectly and doesn’t ruin the chrome effect at all! I do however at times struggle to get the powder to stick around my cuticles and at the edge of my nails. After practicing a couple of times I did get the hang of it. The key is to apply the powder as soon the polish is dry enough to rub it. If you wait even a couple of seconds to long, the polish will be to dry. That’s why you need to paint your hands one at a time.

Over all, this is a great collection and I am so glad that I can finally wear gorgeous chrome nails. And I love the idea of switching the base color to achieve different looks.


The amazing chrome effect, duh! Quick and easy to apply. The face that you can change base color for different effects.

It takes a little bit of practice. Short time frame where the powder applies perfectly.



IsaDora Chrome Nails using 757 Scuba Blue

Above: IsaDora Chrome Nails using 757 Scuba Blue as the base color

IsaDora Chrome Nails using 715 Pink Lemonade

Above: IsaDora Chrome Nails using 715 Pink Lemonade as the base color

saDora Chrome Nails using 191 Black Lacquer

Above: IsaDora Chrome Nails using 191 Black Lacquer as the base color

IsaDora Chrome Nails using 649 Glamour White

Above: IsaDora Chrome Nails using 649 Glamour White as the base color

IsaDora Chrome Nails using 528 Papaya

Above: IsaDora Chrome Nails using 528 Papaya as the base color

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