Swatch and Review: IsaDora Chrome Nails SS17

12 april 2017 av Ellinor Engström
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Welcome back!

You guys know how chrome nails have been a trend for quite some while now? First came the chrome-like polishes that where either too streaky or too glittery. After that came the chrome powders, but it only worked for gel nails… Until now!

IsaDora has released a new chrome powder together with a top coat that is designed to work without ruining the chrome effect. In other words, no gel och lights needed!

Start with checking out my tutorial and you will understand just how to use it and also how simple the application is:

Before I guide you through the swatches, I though I would share my opinion of the powder and the collection. The collection comes with five different colored nail polishes, the chrome nails top coat and the powder. The point is to use the same powder but achieve different effects using different colored base polishes.

Like you could see in my tutorial, it really only takes a couple of minutes to achieve this chrome effect. The top coat also does the job perfectly and doesn’t ruin the chrome effect at all! I do however at times struggle to get the powder to stick around my cuticles and at the edge of my nails. After practicing a couple of times I did get the hang of it. The key is to apply the powder as soon the polish is dry enough to rub it. If you wait even a couple of seconds to long, the polish will be to dry. That’s why you need to paint your hands one at a time.

Over all, this is a great collection and I am so glad that I can finally wear gorgeous chrome nails. And I love the idea of switching the base color to achieve different looks.


The amazing chrome effect, duh! Quick and easy to apply. The face that you can change base color for different effects.

It takes a little bit of practice. Short time frame where the powder applies perfectly.



IsaDora Chrome Nails using 757 Scuba Blue

Above: IsaDora Chrome Nails using 757 Scuba Blue as the base color

IsaDora Chrome Nails using 715 Pink Lemonade

Above: IsaDora Chrome Nails using 715 Pink Lemonade as the base color

saDora Chrome Nails using 191 Black Lacquer

Above: IsaDora Chrome Nails using 191 Black Lacquer as the base color

IsaDora Chrome Nails using 649 Glamour White

Above: IsaDora Chrome Nails using 649 Glamour White as the base color

IsaDora Chrome Nails using 528 Papaya

Above: IsaDora Chrome Nails using 528 Papaya as the base color

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Swatch and review: OPI Fiji Spring Collection 2017

27 februari 2017 av Ellinor Engström
Nails, Press Releases, Reviews

I think this is my favorite time of year. The celebration of Christmas and the new year is over since a couple of months. The weather is grey, it’s raining, it’s snowing and spring feels so very far away. BUT then… The spring press releases show up in your mailbox and you finally start to feel some hope that summer isn’t that far away. So today I will be sharing my thoughts and swatches of this year’s spring collection from OPI – Fiji!

OPI Fiji collection 2017 Swatch and review

The collection consists of 12 shades that incorporate the vibrant hues of the islands’ flora, from the exotic flowers to the colors of the sea and from the blue lagoons to the coral reefs.

OPI Getting nadi on my honeymoon Fiji collection 2017 Swatch

First up is Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon (above). I am a sucker for these pale pinks but the formula almost always disappoints me. I am sad to say that GNOMH has some opportunities for improvement as well. The formula is tricky to  even with three coats it is a bit streaky. However, the shade is gorgeous and I will probably still be wearing this, I’ll just squint my eyes so I can’t see the streaks.

OPI Polly want a Lacquer Fiji collection 2017 Swatch

Polly Want A Lacquer? (above) is a pale lavender shade and is perfect for spring. The formula is better than GNOMH but it is still a bit thin for my liking.

OPI Suzi with a paddle Fiji collection 2017 Swatch

Suzi With A Paddle (above) is a pastel baby blue shade. This is two coats and top coat and I really like the shade but this formula is a bit thin.

OPI Coconuts over OPI Fiji collection 2017 Swatch

I feel that Coconuts Over OPI (above) is one of the more unique shades of the collection. The shade is very flattering and feels modern and cool. This formula is perfect. Two easy coats for full coverage.

OPI I can never hut up Fiji collection 2017 Swatch

This elephant grey polish with turquoise shimmer is called I Can Never Hut Up (above). The formula is good and I really like the shade. However, I would’ve liked to experience the shimmer more when the polish is applied to the nails and not just shown in the bottle.

OPI Two-timing the zones Fiji collection 2017 Swatch

Two-Timing The Zones (above) is the signature shade for this collection and I see why. It is perfect. The formula is great and the shade is absolutely stunning.

OPI Exotic Birds Don't Tweet Fiji collection 2017 Swatch

Next up is Exotic Birds Don’t Tweet (above) is a bright yellow that is not too orange and not too orange-y. However, the formula is a bit see-through and you need three thick coats for full coverage. When applied and with top coat, I do like the shade and I think I will use this during the summer when I am not pale as snow.

OPI No Tan Lines Fiji collection 2017 Swatch

This bright orange shade is called No Tan Lines (above). This is also a go-to shade for me this summer. The formula is nice and you need two coats for full coverage.

OPI Living on the Bula-vard Fiji collection 2017 Swatch

Living On The Bula-Vard (above) is one of my favorites of the collection. The formula is amazzzzing and so is the shade. Love it!

OPI Is that a spear in your pocket? Swatch Fiji 2017

Let’s head on over to the blues. Is That A Spear In Your Pocket? (above) is a gorgeous green… blue……. TEAL? I don’t know how to describe this shade so I’ll just let the picture speak for its. Let me just say you need this shade in your life.

OPI Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic Swatch Fiji 2017

Okay… Deep breath. This is Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic (above). Aaand exhale. Wow, that name really is a tongue twister. It’s a lovely blue shade that reminds me of the ocean and the formula is outstanding.

OPI Do you sea what I sea? Swatch Fiji 2017

I have to admit. I’m a little tired of these shimmery blue metallics. This is Do You Sea What I Sea? (above) is however a pretty shade and you can get full coverage with three thin coats. Probably looks good matte as well, but I kind of feel that I have seen this before.

Overall, I think this is a wonderful collection that works both for spring, summer and also in the early fall. Most shades have a great formula and are full coverage but there are some shades that could’ve been better.

What are your thoughts on the collection?

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Review: IsaDora Big Bold Mascara Extreme Black

26 februari 2017 av Ellinor Engström
Beauty, Reviews

Today I am sharing my thoughts on IsaDora’s new mascara – Big Bold Extreme.

IsaDora Big Bold Mascara Extreme Black

IsaDora Big Bold Mascara Extreme Black

I received this a couple of week’s ago and have been wearing it almost every day since. This mascara is a line extension of their best selling Big Bold Mascara. This version is supposed to be more extreme and give extra volume to your lashes.

IsaDora Big Bold Mascara Extreme Black

The fibre brush is extra large and has a mix of short and long bristles. The short bristles are supposed to give you volume, while the long bristles separate and define.

When it comes to application, I struggled a bit with the brush in the beginning, just because of the enormous size. It got quite messy and I ended up needing to use q-tips every morning (which I usually never have the need to). BUT… After a few days I started getting the hang of it. In my pictures I haven’t had to remove any excess mascara around my eyes.

IsaDora Big Bold Mascara Extreme Black

Since my lashes have no natural curve, I always start with curling my lashes. As you can see from the before and after picture there certainly is quite a difference. I like how it defines and lengthens the lashes and it gives you a lot of volume (as promised). It stays in place, there is absolutely no fallout and it doesn’t crumble. The formula is really creamy and nice to work with. I hate mascaras that dry down to quickly because I like taking my time with the application but this mascara works perfectly for me.

IsaDora Big Bold Mascara Extreme Black

IsaDora Big Bold Mascara Extreme Black

IsaDora Big Bold Mascara Extreme Black

The price for the mascara is 169 kr, which I think is really cheap for a mascara this good. One of my favorite mascaras is the IsaDora Grand Volume Lash Styler, but I think that the Big Bold Extreme is slightly better when it comes to the formula. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and I will keep using it as my everyday mascara.


The formula, wear time and price!

It takes some getting used to when it comes to the large brush.



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