OPI Venice Fall 2015 – Part 1

10 september 2015 av Ellinor Engström
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Good morning nail polish addicts!
Here’s a treat for you all.. Swatches for the OPI Venice Collection for Fall 2015! I absolutely loved last years fall Collection, the Nordic Collection, and I have to say.. the new collection is probably even better!
The first swatch is one of the limited edition polishes: ’St Mark’s the Spot’. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not really a fan of metallics but this color… WOW! I have a new soft spot for blues and this one doesn’t disappoint. It’s looks a little bit streaky on picture but it’s amazing in real life. Two coats for full coverage!
This is ’Be there in a Prosecco’. The formula is nice and creamy and opaque in two coats. It’s a bit like ’My Vampire Is Buff’ but a not with the yellow undertone. A must buy if you don’t own MVIB!
’Worth a Pretty Penne’ is a mix of rose and silver metallic sparkles. The color is very unique but applies a little streaky unfortunately. Two coats for full coverage.
I absolutely love OPI’s polishes but I’m afraid I can’t say that when it comes to ’Baroque… but still shopping!’. I love the square glitters but it doesn’t work with the metallic base. As you can see it applies streaky as well. Two coats for full coverage.
This is one of my favorites: ’Gelato on my mind’! Finallyyyyy, OPI release a light blue with great coverage (opaque in two coats)! I don’t know what else to say.. I think the color speaks for itself! YUM!
’Purple Palazzo pants’ is a lovely lilac! I think this color is great but I think it could’ve been a bit lighter. Anyways, great formula and opaque in two coats!
Last, but not least, is ’Gimme a Lido Kiss’! This is a bright red with some sparkly shimmer in it. I like that is has shimmer and isn’t a metallic and the formula is nice but almost a bit runny. Two coats for full coverage!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the swatches. And if you ask me, ’Be there in a Prosecco’ and ’Gelato on my mind’ are colors we all need in our nail polish stash. But if we want a gorgeous, slightly different color that really stands out, ’St Mark’s the spot’ is the way to go!
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